Xsltproc redirect write a prisoner

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America: A Prisoner of Our ‘Allies’

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XSLTProc Preferences

The year may, for education cause, extend or even these times. Saxon is an XSLT processor. That is, it is a program that takes an XML document and a style sheet as input and produces a result document as output.

(I'm assuming a knowledge of XSLT, though if you're new to it, you might find my companion article useful as an introduction.). Sep 27,  · Pope Francis met with inmates in the largest prison in Philadelphia.

Pope Francis meets with U.S. clergy sex abuse victims

Francis spoke in the gym of the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility and his remarks were broadcast to the prison. Aug 24,  · A California Supreme Court decision has kept in place a measure passed by voters to speed up executions.

Due to delays and legal challenges, the state hasn't executed a prisoner. Reforms should be enacted that scale back the use of prison for low-level drug crimes and instead redirect resources to prevention and drug intervention programming.

A host of mandatory minimum sentences and truth in sentencing provisions are still in place in most states. This memeber is seeking prison pen pals. Write a prisoner from the Prison Inmates Online Directory.

xsltproc seems to happily run with a single parameter specifying the stylesheet, but I don't see a way to trigger a template without an input file (no parameter to xsltproc to run a named template, for example).

Xsltproc redirect write a prisoner
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