Therese lafirme

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Articles about Kate Chopin and Her Work Published from 1985 through 1999

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At Fault by Kate Chopin

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Additional Information In majority of an abstract, here is a very excerpt of the content: Shortly after, inher lab died. From to Kate kept a hybrid book in which she ran diary entries and copied years of essays, poems, and other writings.

When Jérôme Lafirme died, his neighbors awaited the results of his sudden taking off with indolent watchfulness. It was a matter of unusual interest to them that a plantation of four thousand acres had been left unincumbered to the disposal of a handsome, inconsolable, childless Creole widow of thirty.

True to the writer's intrepid explorations of taboo subjects and resonating with autobiographical elements, At Fault masterfully portrays a complex love triangle amid the tensions of the rural post-Reconstruction South.

Thérèse Lafirme is a young Creole widow in love with a divorced St. Louis businessman, David Hosmer/5(13). Except for Thérèse Lafirme, David Hosmer, and their families, most of the Louisiana characters are poor, because the area has yet to recover from the devastation of the Civil War.

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Many of the Louisiana characters speak French and Creole as well as English, so the novel contains phrases in French and Creole. Articles about Kate Chopin and her work published from through In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content.

THE STRUCTURE OF KATE CHOPIN'S AT FAULT Bernard J. Koloski Mansfield State College Even a casual reading of Kate Chopin's early novel Ar Fault () is enough to convince us that the book lacks the intensity of The Awakening () and that it shares litde of the later work's beauty.

The Mistress of Place-du-Bois. When Jérôme Lafirme died, his neighbors awaited the results of his sudden taking off with indolent watchfulness.

It was a matter of unusual interest to them that a plantation of four thousand acres had been left unincumbered to the disposal of a handsome, inconsolable, childless Creole widow of thirty.

Therese lafirme
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