Microemulsion thesis

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A Thesis entitled Pharmaceutically Relevant Microemulsions with Potential Topical, Ophthalmic, and Parenteral Applications by The purpose of this research was to formulate pharmaceutically relevant microemulsion systems using dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate (DOSS) as the surfactant.

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Status epilepticus is a serious neurological disorder,which requires quick treatment to avoid the risk of brain damage and minimize hopebayboatdays.com preferred drugs for the treatment of epileptic seizure. Water-in-diesel emulsion (WiDE) is an alternative fuel for CI engines that can be employed with the existing engine setup with no additional engine retrofitting.

It has benefits of simultaneous reduction of both and particulate matters in addition to its impact in the combustion efficiency improvement, although this needs further investigation. Formulation & Thermophysical Analysis of a Beeswax Microemulsion & The Experimental Calculation of its Heat Transfer Coefficient THESIS Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree Master of Engineering (Mechanical) at.

microemulsion was also investigated for the drug delivery system consisting of soybean oil (0% w/w Vitamin E loading or 30% w/w Vitamin E loading) + Tween 80 + anhydrous glycerol + water. Microemulsion properties Particle size, pH, Zeta potential, conductivity and surface tension of microemulsions are shown in table 3.

Microemulsion thesis

Particle size of traditional and novel formulations was between and nm, respectively, with a polydispersity index of below for both formulations.

Microemulsion thesis
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Biosurfactants-Types, Sources and Applications