Marginalisation of youth

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Brophy Family and Youth Services

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Marginalisation of Youth Essay

Japan has a reputation of being a homogeneous, mostly harmonious society. There are few foreigners, linguistic differences are rare and on the surface class distinctions are largely absent. But. The National Youth Commission’s report Australia’s Homeless Youth is the result of the first national independent inquiry into youth homelessness since the Burdekin.

This book is the result of extensive ethnographic research that has analysed the experiences of young people from immigrant families in the Nordic cities of Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Oslo. Corrymeela is Northern Ireland’s oldest peace and reconciliation organisation.

We began before “The Troubles” and continue on in Northern Ireland’s changing post–conflict society.

Social exclusion

youth in Europe vary with ethnicity, irrespective of the particular host countries, or of degree of acculturation. Peter Leonard (, p) defines social marginality as 'being outside the mainstream.

It is a matter of fact that chronic poverty and unemployment have long been the twin hallmarks of most Arab economies.

While poverty afflicts between 30 to 40% of the populations of non-oil producing countries, unemployment is denying legions of Arab youth a dignified and productive life.

Marginalisation of youth
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