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Creative Writing Scholarships

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MSt in Creative Writing

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Creative Writing

The worst is supported by a teaching team lit of a contracting firm, a consultant artistry firm and staff from Personal. More about this course. This combined degree in Creative Writing and English Literature gives budding writers the best of both worlds.

You may want to be a performance poet, adapt a work of literature for the screen or stage, think about literature from a philosophical perspective or find out more about the publishing industry.

This degree offers you the chance to spend your final year studying abroad at one of our partner universities.

Creative Writing and English Literature - BA (Hons)

Places are currently available in Europe, Australia, Hong Kong or the USA. This degree combines the study of English literature with modules designed to tap into your creative energy and shape it into texts as poetry, prose, film or theatre.

Engage in your world class experience: study abroad with Wake Forest University.

Creative Writing Study Abroad Undergraduate Programs in England

Learn more at the WFU Center for Global Programs and Studies. Weekly lecture and workshop-seminar sessions will engage students in identifying and exploring the basic principles of successfully writing and reading prose fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction. Study Abroad The Department of English offers opportunities for International Study Abroad in such locations as London, Rome, and León.

In addition, our faculty participate in foreign study programs offered through other departments, such as Comparative History of Ideas, Honors, Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media, or the late .

Creative writing study abroad london
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