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Carolingian minuscule

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Carolingian Renaissance Essay

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Italian Renaissance

JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. Lucas Cranach the Elder. Lucas Cranach the Elder can to some extent be considered the immediate forerunner of the Danube style.

Little is known of his early development but it is assumed that, during his years of travel, he visited the important artistic centres of southern Germany. The Carolingian Chronicles by Scholz covers Carolingian history from The RFA (Royal Frankish Annals) cover the period from and Nithard's Histories cover from s Therefore their enthusiasm for teaching and writing slowly faded away.

This was the reason that both 7th and 8th century in Europe were quite destitute in literary creation and scholarship. Charlemagne: Carolingian Renaissance – third part; Charlemagne: The Carolingian Influence in Croatian Lands– The Fourth Part. The scholars at Charlemagne’s court also developed the Carolingian miniscule that was the writing standard in Europe until High Middle Ages, while the Renaissance humanists used it as a basis for the early modern Italic script which in.

Charlemagne and his successors also patronized a vast project that they and their clerical advisers called correctio —restoring the fragmented western European world to an earlier idealized condition.

During the Carolingian Renaissance, as it is called by modern scholars, Frankish rulers.

Carolingian renaissance writing services
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