An analysis of the students performance

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SmartGPA: How Smartphones Can Assess and Predict Academic Performance of College Students Rui Wang, Gabriella Harariy Peilin Hao, Xia Zhou, and Andrew T. Campbell. This study determined Jamaican high school students' level of performance on five integrated science process skills and if there were statistically significant differences in their performance linked to their gender, grade level, school location, school type, student type and socio-economic background (SEB).

Schalich, Marion E., "Analysis of Pre Test and Post Test Performance of Students in a Learning Center Model at the Elementary School Level" (). Master's Theses and Capstone Projects.

The students' academic performance may be influenced by various external factors other than their personal characteristics.

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For the development of a society, it becomes necessary to provide quality education to its people. This study is being conducted to dig out the factors which are important for. Automatic Student Performance Analysis and Monitoring Snehal Kekane, Dipika Khairnar, Rohini Patil, Prof.

What do international tests really show about U.S. student performance?

S. R. Vispute, Prof. N. Gawande This paper presents the analysis of student performance on the basis of academic performance, research and innovation, tool for student performance analysis that would analyze student performance and.

Improving Math Performance techniques, including keeping parents informed about student performance and involved in “The school uses multiple measures for data analysis to determine areas of mathematical competencies in need of emphasis for identified students.

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An analysis of the students performance
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Factors Affecting the Students' Academic Performance