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1. Identify and discuss 8 aspects of Mrs. Lee pre-operative nursing care? It is an important role of a nurse to ensure that patients are prepared for surgery not only in a physical way but also in a psychological way so they have informed consent of the procedure being undertaken, have psychosocial support and are educated on the expected and unexpected outcomes.

The aim of this assignment is to critically discuss the nursing assessment individualised care and nursing interventions of the acutely ill patient. The patient discussed developed severe sepsis due to a urinary tract infection and her condition deteriorated during the recovery process in the nurse.

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Acute care is a service provided to the patient through ambulatory medical care not at the hospital, but outside the hospital without any prior information this is an emergency medical service. Nov 12,  · Procare USA is a national medical staffing agency specializing in the recruitment and placement of all medical professionals such as Registered Nurses, Allied Healthcare Professionals, Doctors, Pharmacists and many more.

The term acute care encompasses a range of clinical health-care functions, including emergency medicine, trauma care, pre-hospital emergency care, acute care surgery, critical care, urgent care and short-term inpatient stabilization (Fig.

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Acute care assignment
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